Real People Who Love FlowPro!


I don’t know how I ever lived without it!” – Jim P in Baltimore, MD

“I had a similar hose and thought it was nice.  Then, I lost it and bought FlowPro.  I’m so glad I lost the other one!!” – Dale W in Seattle, WA

“This worked so well, I bought another one as well as one for my father-in-law.  Thanks FlowPro!”  Christopher W in Jacksonville, FL

“I saw this product being used at a wakeboard tournament.  I knew I had to get one.  Love it!”  Sam W in Wilmington, VA

“I saw your product at a boat show and how fabulous it was.  Couldn’t believe it with my own eyes.  Now, I think I gave my husband, father and father-in-law the best present I could have given for Father’s Day!” – Bonnie S, West Palm Beach, FL


Why All The Buzz About FlowPro?!


The only thing our family loves more than boating is wakeboarding.  And until now with our gas siphon hose, the only thing we disliked more than the price of gasoline was the time it took to get gasoline into our boat.  With two National Champion wakeboarders in our family, one can imagine the amount of fuel needed for the countless hours of training on the water.  A FlowPro gas siphon hose was needed.

As prices of gasoline have escalated in the recent years, the importance of being creative in where we save money also escalated.  With marinas charging over $1.00 more per gallon than we could buy on the street, the obvious answer was sacrificing the task of bringing our gas to the boat in 5 gallon containers.  However, getting the gas from the cans into the boat was a whole other task.

We questioned whether it was worth it as we used the spout on the can or other methods we learned of from other boaters. But it still took nearly a half an hour to just put 40 gallons of gas into the boat.

As our need for gas increased and the gas prices remained high, we developed FlowPro, the gas siphon hose.

We can point to the increased time on the water as being a major contributor to the success our children have had in competing.  And in 2012, FlowPro saved us 20 hours of time and over $2,000 in Gasoline cost!